Life…it can be complicated.

That’s an understatement.

Lately, I’ve been feeling that understatement. I have a loving husband, warm home, excellent education, and great job, and my life looks simply wonderful. And it is, really, at the core of it. But sometimes it’s hard for me to look around and remember how truly good God has been to me because I’m so caught up in my own busy-ness and stress over what is and what I think should be.

That’s how I’ve been feeling, recently. Caught up in my own thoughts, too frazzled to stop and take a look around. It’s selfish, I know, but…I’m working on it. Beginning with this post.

I stumbled across an article, yesterday, one I’ve read it before. But this time, it struck me differently. This time, I could really apply it to myself. It’s called, “Of Things That Matter Most,” by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Here’s a snippet:

“We would do well to slow down a little, proceed at the optimum speed for our circumstances, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most.”

It was like a breath of fresh air. I thank God for sending it my way! For some, my life and burdens would seem small and all-together completely bearable. But I’m me, and there’s only so much I can handle. I felt like God was giving me permission to back up, look around, and renew my perspective.

In the article, it goes on to remind what really does matter the most:

1. My relationship with God. This, I can always work on. Especially right now. Work on having more genuine prayer, talking with him and not at him. Strengthening my faith and trust in his will. Becoming more like him, more selfless and charitable and patient (and that includes patience with myself). He’s my father, after all.

2. My relationship with my family. My husband is so wonderful, and it’s easy for me to take it for granted when I’m feeling overwhelmed and, even though he’s busy, too, he is so willing to take care of me. I want to continually remind myself how wonderful he is, and how blessed I am to have him in my life.

3. My relationship with my fellow man. I realized the other day that I hardly ever socialize. My friendships are minimal. And that is not okay! I have so much to learn, and others have so much to teach me. And I have so much to give, if I let myself. I’m missing out on the unique growth friendships can give.

4. My relationship with myself. This one is tied so directly with all of the rest. By strengthening my relationship with God, my family, and my fellow man I’ll inevitably strengthen my own self-worth.

This blog is my effort to remember what matters most. I’ll explore my spirituality and myrelationship with God. I’ll share the everyday reminders of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful man in my life. To get to know you a little better, I’ll give my own feedback about life and the small things I do to enjoy it, and I hope you’ll give back, too. And in the course of it all, I hope and pray that God will give me the strength to love myself as much as I know he loves all his children.


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