Redefining Beauty

I’ll admit it. I’m a feminist.

The word “feminist” has such a negative connotation to it. Why is that? I suppose because, in the early 1900’s, the media associated feminists with the radical bra-burning, capital-marching women’s rights groups (even though they never actually burned the bras).

Guess what? If you’re someone who believes in non-discriminatory pay, voting privileges, and overall opportunity for women, you’re a feminist, too.

Last year, I took a women’s studies class and loved it. I loved learning about how women have come to be seen as we truly are, human beings with potential, though at times the fight seemed fruitless. I appreciated learning about media objectification of women, so as to better defend myself and women (and men) who I care about from the negative images and messages we’re exposed to every day.

A blog called “Beauty Redefined,” started by two graduate student women studying media and body image, often inspires me to re-think how I see myself. Media today is often filled with thin, tan, flawlessly skinned models that tempt us to hold ourselves up to their standard. They are lying to us. And the purpose of the Beauty Redefined blog is to expose that lie.

Their most recent post, which you can read here, is a good example of what I love about their thoughts. The post talks about how the lingerie line Victoria’s Secret objectifies women even in their attempt to empower them. It’s too good to summarize, but here’s a good quote:

When the most powerful companies in the world profit off of teaching you that your body – specifically your enhanced, bound, lotioned, glittered, posed, surgically and digitally altered parts of your body – are your only source of “empowerment,” they are lying to you.

Our worth is not defined by what’s on the outside.


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