The Father

The concept of “God,”for me, has always been synonymous with “Father” or”Heavenly Father.”

The distinction is significant. God can sometimes be an abstract concept. But Father…that implies someone different. Someone knowable. Someone who knows. Someone who loves.

I’m not a parent yet, but I’ve seen many parents before the birth of a child. Overwhelmingly, those parents are ecstatic. They prepare for months and months in anticipation of their new little one, whether or not it’s their first. When the baby comes, the parents are awed by this new life, and they love it more than they knew that they could.

Why wouldn’t the Father view all of his children in the same way? Why wouldn’t he see me as an amazing human being with nearly unlimited potential? I know that he does. And I know many of you see him the same way.

But…if I know it, do I trust it? Do I look to him to help me see myself as he sees me, or do I compare myself to others? Someone directed us to “look directly to our Father for our sense of self-worth” (Quentin L. Cook, “The Doctrine of the Father”). In the end, it’s really only what he thinks of us that matters.

Do I know God? Do you? He certainly knows us. And loves us. That I do know.

What can we do better, to know the Father? To look to him for our worth and potential?


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