Words For Home

Moment of confession: I love home-improvement blogs.

One of my favorites is called The Nester. The author writes about her home-improvement projects, and gives others a chance to share theirs. I eat it up.

In the month of October, though, the author of The Nester picks one topic to write about every day in October. This year, her topic was: Home. On Purpose.

One of the series posts I loved the most delved into words that we want to describe our home. The author has never wanted her home to be described as “formal” (she has a pink mustache on her planter bust on the mantle place – young kids!). She challenged her readers to think about what words they would use to describe their home…

As I thought about it…what words do I want to describe my home?







Those last few were from my husband, and I completely agree. Figuring out what we want our homes to be like is so important. Because if we don’t actively decide, they might become something we don’t want. After all, life gets crazy and sometimes we just react instead of acting.

What words will you choose for your home?


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