DIY Bulletin Board

My FIRST official DIY home improvement project! Well, it may not seem like much of a “home improvement,” but to my brown 70’s paneling 400 sq. ft. apartment, it is QUITE an improvement. It makes me smile every time I walk past it (which is every time I leave my bedroom).

I started thinking about this project when I stumbled across this picture from Jody at Homey Home Design.  It was a very small part of a larger project for her, but for me it’s inspiration to being one step closer to loving where I live. She basically just covered her board with some burlap, lined up a thumbtack border, and added cute flowers for color. I could just envision my board looking so nice!

So here’s what I did. Excuse the pictures. They were taken with my iPod in REALLY bad lighting (we live in a basement). Here’s what the board looked like at first:

And there’s my super hot husband 🙂 Oh wait… SO! I asked him to hold it up because I forgot to take a before picture before I unscrewed it from the wall. Whoops! As you can see, the board sort of melds into the wall in a very unattractive way, and we’ve never actually used it for anything because neither of us liked the way it looked.
I ordered a canvas drop cloth from Amazon to act as my burlap. I also ordered a bunch of tacks thinking that I would make a similar border as my inspiration, but it didn’t end up working out that way. If I’d thought it through better, I could have saved myself a few dollars in thumb tacks, but hey…can’t ever have too many tacks, right?!
Here’s the start of cutting and measuring the canvas:
I basically just laid it upside down on the flat canvas, and cut out the shape with a few extra inches on each side.
Since the edges on this board aren’t quite square (they’re rounded a bit), I cut out a square on the point of each corner so that the fabric wouldn’t overlap and cause it to bunch up. That sentence sounds really confusing, so I hope you know what I mean…
Next, I ironed the canvas with a HOT iron. This is a really important step, since the canvas was still really creased from the package. (Like my cute little table-top ironing board on the floor? 🙂
Then I laid it out smoothly, centered the face of the board on it again, and started tacking down the corners snugly. Here’s the back when I finished tacking:
I recruited James again to hold up the board while I screwed it back into the wall. The only sad part about this is that the screws were on TOP of the fabric. You can’t tell in this picture, but it sort of ruins the look I was going for. How to remedy…
Aha! I could hot glue some buttons over the screws! I went through my give-away pile and found an old moldy coat that had the perfect navy blue buttons. Thanks to a friendly gal from church, I was able to borrow a hot glue gun and finish this project same day. Thanks Kristina!
It was going well, but I had a dilemma. I didn’t have enough matching buttons to cover up all of the screws. And I’m WAY too much of a perfectionist to have my buttons mismatched. I looked up some cute flower DIYs to cover up the two screws that were still bare. I adapted ideas from these tutorials:
All of these tutorials are very straightforward and easy to do. Most of them call for felt, but you can honestly use most any materials as long as they have a similar thickness. It took a few hours for me to make all of the flowers, but honestly it was a ton of fun and I watched some fun gaming while I did it 🙂
Here’s my finished project! I didn’t end up doing a thumbtack border because, with the buttons, it would have just looked funky and been visually overwhelming. If I hadn’t had the screw issue, though, I totally would have!
Here are close-ups on the flowered parts so you can see better…
I added on some random buttons from my miniscule button collection (that I didn’t remember I had). Honestly this project was such a thrill to do, even though it may seem small.
Hope you enjoyed! What fun DIYs do you have in the works right now?



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