May Ipsy Bag

One of my Facebook friends posted about Ipsy a few weeks ago, and I had to try it. Basically, it’s a beauty subscription where you pay them $10/month, and they send you a beauty bag with 4-5 full size beauty products in it each month (generally they’re full size). It can include all kinds of products – lipsticks, nailpolishes, BB creams, tanning lotions, you name it. The nice thing about it is that when you subscribe, they have you fill out a profile quiz so they don’t accidentally send you something you hate. Like tanning stuff for me – I think it’s ridiculous, I would never use it. So they most likely won’t send it! Yay!

Basically what I want to do in this post is share the contents of my May bag with you, and do a price comparison with the actual cost of buying the products separately. Here goes!

The first item in my bag was a Yaby concealer refill. I LOVE this thing. Concealer is huge for me because I have naturally dark under-eye circles, and without it people ask me if I’m sick. Seriously. The coverage is fantastic, and the color is very forgiving.

If you buy this from the Yaby brand website, it runs at $4.85. In my opinion, that’s kind of a lot for a teeny little 3.5 gram refill! BUT I didn’t pay that much for it, now did I?

The second item in my bag was a Zoya nail polish called GeiGei (not sure where the name came from…). I love the color, though. Generally I’m not big into pinks, but this is a nice shimmery pale pink that grew on me after I wore it for awhile. And the two thin layers I applied to by fingernails haven’t chipped at all, though it’s been a several days.

If you buy THIS baby straight from the brand, it’s a whopping $8.00. I know this stuff is high end, but it’s still way to much for me to ever buy stand-alone!

The third item in my bag was an Anastasia mini clear brow gel. And it does it’s job – it holds those girls down! Not too much else to say about it, though. It’s an unassuming product, but it does its job. No clumping, good hold.

I couldn’t find this product on its own since it’s a mini-size. However, I did find it at Sephora as a set along with a pair of tweezers all priced at $10. So…if I had to guess, I’d put the gel at about $6.00.

Another product in my bag that I simply am LOVING is Mirabella colour sheers lipstick in Daydream. I’ve always been more of a no-lipstick-unless-I’m-really-dressing-up kind of girl, but this stuff manages to look natural and glamorous all at once. It’s similar to my natural lip color, but bright enough to make me feel done up without being self-conscious.

This piece of goodness runs at *gasp* $22.00 from the Mirabella website. I love it, but I simply could never afford to spend that much on one piece of makeup!

The last item (it’s almost over, promise) is probably the one I love most. It’s called Island Vanilla, and it’s a perfume roll-on by Pacifica. This stuff smells like heaven, and it lasts all day long. I even wore a shirt for half a day, and a few days later the scent on it was still strong. It’s not a perfume-y smell, but a warm vanilla with a hint of floral. I’m loving it. Hubs is loving it, too. That’s all I ask for 🙂

This product isn’t actually priced too expensively for the quality and quantity that you get. It’s just $12.00 from the Pacifica website.

SO. To wrap up. This month’s product total would have been just around$52.85 if I’d bought each product separately (and that’s not even including the price of shipping).

Instead, I paid $10. For all five products, and this cute bag they came in, and shipping. That’s a savings of about $42, give or take (probably give). Of course, I don’t expect that every product I get every month will be something I love. But at the price, it’s worth it! I’m still having fun experimenting with my new products, and the next bag will be here within a month!


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