How to Write a Blog

"Road to the Sun" by miakaplanstudio on Etsy
“Road to the Sun” by miakaplanstudio on Etsy

My person¬†and I have a “meeting” every Sunday where we sit down together (or lie down, depending on how late it is), inventory out the coming week, and go over our individual and family goals/needs. Tonight, as we were talking over my own goals, I mused out loud that just maybe I should start blogging regularly (I won’t say again because I’ve never really been consistent at it). Of course, my person said, “YES, you should! Your writing is awesome.” And I know he’s biased. But it’s still encouraging to hear that from someone.

I enjoy writing. And therefore blogging. But what I’ve realized is that I think too much about it. Every time I consider writing consistently, I stop short because I’m not sure what the heck I should write about. Do I write about…DIY? Crafty stuff? Raising my family? Being a stay at home mom? My faith? Just random thoughts and musings? Plus the fact that I’m not super confident in my ability to write something engaging and entertaining like I know I enjoy reading.¬†And I get really confused/frustrated and just don’t write anything.

Of course that is NOT the way to start writing a blog. As my person says, you’ve just got to quit thinking and start WRITING something. You’ll narrow down the nitty gritty of topics and smooth out your writing style over time. In the meantime, consistency is what matters.

Okay, maybe he didn’t say all that exactly. But what he said was encouraging, and added to this post about consistency by a very successful blogger I follow, I’ve realized what I need to do.

I don’t really know how to write a blog yet. But I do know how to not write one, and that’s by…NOT WRITING. So here’s to consistency. Vision. And spewing out thoughts onto a page one week at a time.


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